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Redefining the Corporate Pulse with Seity

Ever had one of those days where the office coffee just doesn’t cut it? That's where we step in. At Seity, we're not just about corporate well-being; we're about adding that extra splash of awesome to your daily grind.

In this whirlwind of meetings, emails, and deadlines, we're that unexpected break room chat that leaves you smiling. We believe that behind every successful corporation is a team that's not just ticking boxes but genuinely thriving. 

And here’s our little secret: it's not just about the morning stretches or the meditation breaks. It's about connecting, laughing, and sometimes, just taking a moment to breathe.

So, if you're feeling the weight of the corporate world, pull up a chair with Seity. We're here to remind you that success tastes even sweeter when you're feeling top-notch. Cheers to well-being that doesn’t just sound good on paper but feels great in real life!


"Carla's Wellness Odyssey: From Ancient Yoga to Modern Osteopathy"

You know those people who seem to have a sixth sense for well-being? That's Carla for you. Picture this: 2009, a young Carla stepping into the hallowed halls of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Fast forward, and she's weaving her magic, from sprightly athletes to wise elders, making well-being look like a walk in the park.

Here's the scoop: Carla's not just about fixing what's broken. She's about understanding the whole story. It's like when you're trying to get that perfect milk froth for your coffee. It's not just about the milk; it's about the technique, the temperature, the love. With Carla, it's about lifestyle, diet, and those little aches and pains we all feel.

Her yoga journey? With a decade under her belt and a certified Yoga teacher badge to boot, she blends osteopathic know-how with naturopathic wisdom. It's a holistic cocktail that's just... right.

And let's not forget her special touch with Cranial Osteopathy, especially for the tiny tots. Because, why should adults have all the fun?

So, if you're on the lookout for someone who gets well-being, like really gets it, Carla's your gal. Dive in, the water's warm (and probably infused with some holistic bath salt goodness). 🌿🧘‍♀️🌼


Callum's Odyssey: From Music to Corporate Encore

Ever met someone who can jam out a tune and then pivot to leading a boardroom meeting? Meet Callum. He started in the music scene, probably sipping flat whites before they were cool. Then, like a track shifting on a playlist, he danced into the world of advertising, rubbing shoulders with the big names like Ogilvy and Grey.

At WPP? Oh, he wasn't just there for the coffee breaks. He managed a multi-million joint venture like he was producing a hit record. 

From crafting melodies to crafting business strategies, Callum's journey is a mixtape of passion, adaptability, and a deep beat of understanding the corporate hustle. And through it all? A chorus highlighting the importance of well-being. Rock on, Callum. Rock on.


Seity's Mixtape: Corporate Hustle Meets Zen Vibes

Picture this: Carla, with her zen-like aura and holistic health wisdom, meets Callum, who's all about the corporate grind. 

We get it. HR teams aren't just looking for another tick in the "well-being" box. They want real, tangible change. And that's where Seity comes in. 

But here's the real kicker: it's not just about feeling good; it's about making the entire corporate band play in harmony. Turning solos into symphonies.

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