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24th may 2023

Employee Well-being in the Modern Workplace: A Holistic Approach

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conversation around employee well-being has taken center stage. While previously, employers might have been content with providing an annual gym membership…


30th march 2023

Migraines: A Symphony of Pain, Emotion, and Self-Discovery

Dr. Howard Schubiner sheds light on the fascinating connections between our emotional and physical bodies, revealing that our neural pathways can become ingrained and activated, making pain more real and intense. Migraines, chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia are just a few examples of the conditions that can be influenced by these emotional and spiritual connections. Understanding the intricate link between mind and body offers hope for breaking the cycle of chronic pain and restoring balance.

Headaches come in various forms, with migraines being just one type. It's crucial to seek medical advice for persistent or severe headaches, ruling out any underlying conditions or trauma. Migraines can have different triggers, such as stress, poor posture, hormonal imbalances, tension, or other factors, and can manifest in diverse ways.

22nd march 2023

Best Home Remedy Hacks without The Chemicals

Our top picks for home remedies for mind and body. 

There’s nothing better than a clean home and clear skin. What more could you want, honestly? Unfortunately, so many modern products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that are bad for us and even worse for the environment.

In an effort to make the planet greener and our homes and bodies healthier, we’ve turned into homeopathy as an alternative to many products. Luckily, many brands are following suit. Nowadays, you’re able to go online and find plenty of businesses supporting cleaner, greener living.

Here are our top picks for homeopathic remedies you can order and have delivered in the click of a button. They’re great for any budding naturopath who wants to embrace nature’s medicine for a happier body and home.

22nd march 2023

Aging Gracefully: Boosting Your Cognitive Reserve to Stay Sharp and Resilient

As we grow older, we may notice our memory, reasoning, and learning abilities naturally decline. While many people rely on their daily crossword puzzles to keep their minds sharp, research suggests…

22nd march 2023

The Dark Side of Smartphones: Reclaim Your Life and Rediscover True Connection

We live in a digital age where smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives. While they have undeniably made our lives easier, these devices can become an addictive force that disconnects us…

21st march 2023

Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Workplace: Transform Your Office in 10 Simple Steps

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy for workplace environments to suffer from a lack of civility, leading to negative impacts on employee morale, productivity, and overall well-being. Incivility…

21st march 2023

Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Workforce: Top Expert Reveals Shocking Truths About Toxic Workplaces and How to Transform Them

Introduction … Stressful workplace conditions can be as detrimental to your well-being as second-hand smoke, according to Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ph.D., a renowned organizational behavior expert at…

19th march 2023

Acute Back Pain: Unraveling the Mystery of a Debilitating Issue

In our fast-paced, high-stress world, it is more important than ever to prioritize our physical health and well-being. With so many demands on our time and energy, it can be tempting to ignore or…

18th march 2023

Psilocybin: A Trip Through Evolution, Spirituality, and Modern Therapeutics

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Mesoamerica, indigenous peoples discovered the wondrous powers of magic mushrooms. With a little help from our friend psilocybin, the primary psychoactive…

17th march 2023

From Woopie Cushion breaths to Warrior Poses: My Hilarious Journey into the World of Yoga and Holistic Wellness

Beads of sweat amassed on my brow like paratroopers, dropping in quick succession. I had my forehead on the floor, desperately trying to breathe. I needed help. A godlike figure appeared, an…

17th march 2023

Cannabis & The Pineal Gland: A Trip Through Spirituality, Science, and Culture

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, has been the center of attention for decades. This controversial plant is not only popular for its recreational use but also for its medicinal benefits. From its…

16th march 2023

HIIT Me Baby One More Time: The Ultimate Workout for busy people

Hey, you! Yes, you, juggling a gazillion things in your 24-hour day. What if I told you there's a workout that'll leave you breathless, fitter, and healthier in just 20 minutes? That's right, folks!

16th march 2023

Shilajit and Sea Moss: A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Mineral-Rich Superfoods

In recent years, Shilajit and Sea Moss have gained popularity for their potential health benefits, both being mineral-rich substances that offer numerous advantages. Although they share some…

16th march 2023

Discovering Your Ideal Wellness Retreat: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the World of Wellness Escapes"

Welcome to our blog on the world of wellness retreats! Whether you're a seasoned traveler seeking a transformative experience or a curious explorer searching for a new form of relaxation, this blog…

16th march 2023

Demystifying Seed Oils: Separating Fact from Fiction in Health and Nutrition

The health implications of seed oils have been a subject of debate among nutrition experts for quite some time. Many argue that seed oils are harmful, leading to inflammation, gut damage, and…

16th march 2023

Unraveling the Threads of Identity: Healing through Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy

Identity-related trauma is a multifaceted and intricate phenomenon that can significantly influence a person's self-perception and their ability to navigate the complexities of life. Rooted in early…

15th march 2023

The Twin Flame Journey: A Soul-Deep Connection That Transforms Lives

The concept of twin flames is a powerful and mystical aspect of soul connections that sets it apart from other forms of relationships. Distinct from soulmates, who are predestined relationships that…

15th march 2023

A Beginners Guide to Yoga

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years, originating in ancient India. It is a holistic practice that incorporates physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and…

9th march 2023

Your Ultimate Sleep Routine with Mindset Coach Maud Eeckman

Diving into the mind-body connection, Maud has developed a strong sleep routine which helps support a quick and easy path to deep sleep (try less than 3 minutes!) 

Here are four tools accessible to anyone with a body, a mind, and willing to reclaim their sleep.

It’s not about using all of them but finding the ones that work for you and infusing them slowly into your life so it becomes effortless and automatic.

23rd february 2023

Our Top 8 Equipment Hacks to Revolutionise Your Home Workout

Working out at three to five times a week is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health. Routine exercise has been repeatedly linked with lower health risks, better moods, and less anxiety and depression. By taking care of our bodies, we’re also taking care of ourselves.

While many of us enjoy taking fitness classes or heading to the gym, we know that isn’t always an option. Sometimes you’re too busy, others you simply lack the desire to go outdoors for a workout. Whatever the case, you aren’t out of options when it comes to staying in shape at home.

These home workout equipment hacks are the absolute best way to take your fitness journey to the next level. They offer you the complexity of a personalized workout through easy-to-use devices.

23rd february 2023

Our Top Hacks for At Home Recovery and Rehabilitation

We can’t overstress the importance of rest after exercise, or in general. Our bodies need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to stay healthy, but there is so much more to rest and recovery than that. After a workout, we need rest to prevent pain and help muscles grow. It’s during the recovery period that your muscles strengthen from your workout.

Beyond fitness, rehabilitation is an important element of self-care that nurtures your entire body. Routinely taking time to rejuvenate helps ease mental health symptoms, promote a more positive mindset, and prevent or recover from burnout.

We’ve compiled our top five wellbeing hacks that promote peace, comfort, and relaxation in your home and body. You can also incorporate these into any rehab you are doing for a physical injury or mental illness (so long as you clear them with your GP/therapist first).

23rd january 2023

Wellbeing and Mental Health: What do they mean, and how do they work together?

You’ve likely heard of the “mind-body connection” by now, but what does it actually mean? Often, we tend to think about our mental health from a reactive standpoint. Only when we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed do we stop and ask, “What’s wrong?” And even during those moments, it can be hard to pull ourselves out of an unhelpful mindset. Instead, we exist within it, and it affects everything within us and around us.

23rd january 2023

10 Simple Tips for Achieving Better Mental Health

I have lost people to mental health and understand the devastating impact it can have. Mental health is an issue that affects us all, from the person struggling to their loved ones, friends, and…

17th january 2023

What is Hypnotherapy and what is it used for?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, a state of deep relaxation and heightened concentration, to help people overcome a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. During a hypnotherapy session, a therapist will guide the person into a state of hypnosis, in which they are highly receptive to suggestion and able to access their subconscious mind. This can allow them to gain insight into the underlying causes of their condition, and to make positive changes to their thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs.

22nd july 2022

Good Mood Food - The Gut-Brain Connection and Why Gut Health Is So Important

Everything we consume has a direct impact on our health. One of the leading causes of digestive issues is poor nutrition, which isn’t exactly what you may think.

“Poor” nutrition does not have to always mean eating loads of processed foods or inordinate amounts of sugar. It can be much more subtle, sneaking into our well-meaning diets through refined sugars, carbohydrates, and additives.

Even a lack of nutritional balance can result in poorer health, which negatively affects one of the most important processes in our body: the gut-brain connection.

22nd july 2022

What is preventative medicine and how homeopathy can make a difference to your health

Holistic healthcare takes many forms, and one of the most diverse is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that deviates from traditional Western medicine to bring us new pathways for managing our health and wellness. Western medical science tends to adopt a responsive approach — illnesses and health conditions are treated after they arise. But in homeopathy and many other alternative medicine practises, preventative care is a core emphasis.

Preventative health is just as important as responsive healthcare. The difference is that preventative care can be done daily, adjusted to suit your lifestyle, and support you no matter what paths you take on your wellness journey.

22nd july 2022

Top 10 Stretches for office workers

According to the World Health Organization, lower back pain is the most prevalent problem affecting 568 million people. Given the number of adults who work desk jobs, it’s unsurprising that their shoulders, necks, and backs are quite literally bearing the weight of their work environment. While you may not be able to completely prevent sitting at a desk, you can follow some osteo tips to improve posture and alleviate pressure on the bones and joints.

22nd july 2022

Seity Sessions - Reflexology Review with Anabel Cutler

Just like the feet, the face provides a map to read what is happening within the body's internal organs, central nervous system and neuro-biological system. Points such as the temples and under the eyes all link to our other organs and body flows e.g. thyroid, spine, pituitary, kidneys lungs and even (as my belly sounds can attest to) our digestive system. I would recommend Reflexology, Reiki and Crystal Healing with Anabel long before you reach burn out, but for anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and enjoy a time and space purely dedicated to themselves and their wellbeing.

12th july 2022

How to hack your sleep - 10 proven tips for a better night's rest

Perhaps you’ve only recently begun to struggle with sleep, or maybe you’ve wrestled with insomnia for years. Whatever the case may be, here are 10 science-supported tips to help you have better sleep.

11th july 2022

TMJ Dysfunction, what it is and how to treat it

any of us hold tension in our jaws, making us more likely to develop painful “locks” that impact mobility. This leads to TMJ dysfunction, or dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. While you can treat TMJ alone, sometimes, it can become a disorder that requires professional care. More importantly, suffering from TMJ pain can signal the need to focus on yourself and how you’re handling stress in your life. If you are looking for TMJ relief, this article will explore underlying causes of TMJ dysfunction and things you can do to find relief.

10th may 2022

Physiotherapy | Everything You Need to Know as a Wellness Enthusiast

As a wellness enthusiast, you're probably enjoying the numerous benefits of an active lifestyle. These include stress relief, increased capacity to understand and deal with emotions, as well as improving your fitness and health.

While wellness is good, it also comes with the risk of injury or strains. This is why it’s essential that you know how to prevent and relieve such injuries when they arise. In this regard, physiotherapy is your best friend.

If you’re wondering ‘why is physiotherapy good for me’ or what exactly it entails, you’re in the right place. This article covers everything you need to know about physiotherapy as a wellness enthusiast.

10th may 2022

The Power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the benefits of ancient practice for modern times

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the world’s oldest and most influential wellness practices. Eastern Medicine has led to the widespread adoption of therapies such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, and food therapy.

TCM emphasizes nutrition, rest, and respect for the body to support its optimal natural state. This means you stop focusing so much on external solutions and instead look inward to identify where you can improve your care

10th may 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Holistic Massage Practices, From Reiki to Tuina and Everything in Between

Massage therapy is an old ancient healing tradition and the varieties available today come from a diverse mix of styles and cultures. Massage therapies are split into two categories – eastern and western massage. This article gives the background and differences of each style and helps you understand the amount of thought, science, and tradition that goes into your favourite holistic massage.

5th may 2022

SEITY SESSIONS treatment review with Acupuncturist Ingrid Huang

I’ve never been to a fortune teller or medium, but today I finally had that a-ha moment, that moment when someone you’d never spoken to before, knows something only you would know. While Ingrid Huang is not a clairvoyant her talent in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and as an acupuncturist allowed her an insight into my health that numerous visits to my doctor and a full round of blood tests didn’t detect.

5th may 2022

 How to optimise your wellbeing in the office and home office

There's more pressure than ever in the post pandemic economy and with the significant rise in cost of living, for us to work for us to work harder, achieve more and perform better.  Luckily, there are proven ways to help in improving mood and productivity, and work, regardless of whether you are in a busy workplace, home office, or hybrid.

Luckily, there are proven ways to help in improving mood and productivity, and work, regardless of whether you are in a busy workplace, home office, or hybrid. 

18th march 2022

Pilates, the what, the why and how small movements can make a big change...

Originally introduced in the 1920’s by physical trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates is now an engendered form of exercise around the world. Despite being initially designed to assist injured athletes and…

17th january 2022

New Mothers: embracing changes to your body and helping to heal Post-Partum by Carla Pozner

Loving and nurturing your body Post-Partum. So what can we do to feel better in our evolving bodies? What can we do to nurture ourselves and our baby whilst being forgiving and understanding, respecting and admiring the incredible things the body is doing. The more awareness we gain on our changing bodies and how to help ourselves, the easier the pregnancy can become.

6th january 2022

What is Acupuncture and Why Should I Consider it for My Wellbeing?

The name and the needles might be off-putting to some but rest assured that it is not a painful practice like the pictures might seem. It is rather a minimally invasive technique that, when applied by an experienced and qualified acupuncturist, has effective healing and pain-relieving capabilities.

6th january 2022

10 Reasons Why You Could Need a Life Coach

There are many benefits of life coaching, including providing professional support to help people achieve a higher level of fulfillment in their lives. If you want to make a change in your life, then you should consider life coaching. Life coaches typically have training or professional experience in areas related to guidance and support. Basically, they are like cheerleaders that provide support and encouragement through difficult life changes. And as a third party they can objectively analyze your concerns and help you make informed and well considered decisions when it counts the most.

6th january 2022

An Introduction to Osteopathy: The Practice and its Benefits

The system of techniques osteopaths use is all designed to aid your body in healing itself. Practitioners use massage to release and relax muscles, joint articulation to improve range of motion, stretching to increase flexibility in muscles and joints, and high-velocity thrusts to adjust (or crack) and realign the spine.

6th january 2022

What is the Feldenkrais Method and how can it help optimise your wellbeing?

The Feldenkrais Method was invented in the 1900s by Moshe Feldenkrais. An active martial artist, who deeply understood physics and the mechanics of the human body, Feldenkrais developed this system of mind body connection and purposeful movement to help people overcome injuries, chronic pain and difficulties in staying active. In fact, Feldenkrais sustained a knee injury that inspired the creation of the Feldenkrais Method. This understanding of chronic pain and ways to move past it are rooted in how the Feldenkrais Method can enhance and educate you to move more smoothly and effortlessly.

6th january 2022

What is Reflexology and How Can it Improve Your Health

Reflexology is an alternative medical practice that focuses on the application of pressure to particular areas on the feet or hands. The technique, also known as zone therapy, has been around for thousands of years.

4th january 2022

Therapy: a foundation for self-care and how it can help change your life

Psychotherapy. Talk therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Or just therapy. They all refer to the same thing, but sadly seeking therapy often carries a stigma in our society.

While the stigma may exist, it simply should not. People spend large sums of money and countless hours exercising to take care of their body and cardiovascular system. But what about mental health? Is it not as important as our physical health?

4th january 2022

Medical Massage: How Is It Different from a Spa Treatment?

When we explain medical massages, clients often mistake the therapy for spa treatment. Although they seem alike at first, massage therapy has many more benefits that can help achieve mind and body wellness.

4th january 2022

What Is Integrated Nutrition? And How Can It Help Your Relationship With Food And Self-Care

The terms integrated nutrition and self-care have become quite a buzz these days. From what we eat to what we think, it sounds like everyone's talking about different ways of self-care and relationships with food. We all know that what we eat has an immense impact on our personal and professional lives. And good food benefits from managing stress, digestion, mood, anxiety, and overall health. 

4th january 2022

The Benefits of Homeopathy: What is it and How Does it Work?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that is driven with by the guiding principle is that “like cures like.” In simple terms, homeopathy leverages the body’s innate healing potential to overcome temporary and chronic conditions.

6th december 2021

Interview with reflexologist Anna Byrska

Anna’s interest in reflexology started at just fourteen years old. Whilst suffering from eye inflammation, she decided to experiment with the techniques in one of her parents’ reflexology books. To her amazement, her eye responded rapidly to the treatment, igniting what would become a long-lasting appreciation for alternative/complementary healing. In the years that followed, Anna explored other therapeutic practices, such as massage and shiatsu, before deciding eight years ago to make reflexology her primary profession.

6th december 2021

Interview with pilates instructor Kirsten McCarron

Although having had a resurgence in recent years, Pilates has been an important aspect of Kirsten’s life from a very young age. As a professional ballet dancer, her years of rigorous training was…

6th december 2021

Interview with medical masseuse Patrycja Miszczak

It was Medical Massage that Patrycja connected to most whilst completing her studies in Physiotherapy, and she has since spent time refining her healing and restorative practice. Whether you require…

6th december 2021

Interview with psychologist Emma Cathcart

Difficulties can arise for us all no matter what stage of life we're in, some of which leave us feeling unbalanced, out of control, and disconnected from ourselves and the people we’re closest to. At…

6th december 2021

Interview with Integrative Nutrition Coach Sammy Scott

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Sammy’s approach to health and wellness is by no means exclusive. Rather, by focusing on all major facets of well-being, Sammy helps clients optimise their health through a holistic, personalised and supportive process. Through her programme, clients have the option of working with Sammy on a six-month (12 sessions), 3-month (6 sessions), or session-by-session basis. The most suitable option will vary from person to person, though given the scope and depth of Sammy’s coaching, people tend to benefit most from a long-term partnership.

27th september 2021

Interview with osteopath Carla Pozner

For (Reehab) co-founder, Carla, pursuing Osteopathy seemed the next best step after completing her degree in Biology, and rightly so. With a passion for holistic healing, science and yoga, becoming…