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6th december 2021

Interview with Integrative Nutrition Coach Sammy Scott


After living in South Africa for 13 years, Sammy, along with her young family, made the decision to pack their bags and return to the UK. As with any transitional period, this marked the beginning of a new phase in Sammy’s life, and it wasn’t long before her career aspirations shifted, too. Wanting to work in an environment that aligned with her passions—wellness, nutrition and yoga—Sammy left her Interior Designer roots back in Cape Town and turned her attention to Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching...a decision she hasn’t looked back on since.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Sammy’s approach to health and wellness is by no means exclusive. Rather, by focusing on all major facets of well-being, Sammy helps clients optimise their health through a holistic, personalised and supportive process. Through her programme, clients have the option of working with Sammy on a six-month (12 sessions), 3-month (6 sessions), or session-by-session basis. The most suitable option will vary from person to person, though given the scope and depth of Sammy’s coaching, people tend to benefit most from a long-term partnership.

As her title implies, a significant part of Sammy’s coaching focuses on diet and nutrition. With a wealth of knowledge on dietary theories and nutritional values, Sammy uses her expertise to educate clients and help them make better choices surrounding food—choices that are specific to their bio-individuality. No matter what a client's motivation is—reversing or preventing health conditions, losing weight, establishing a healthy relationship with food, or wanting to simply try something new—people with all types of health goals may benefit from Sammy’s guidance.

Typically, when we think of food, we think of the literal food we eat to fuel and nourish our bodies. However, since overall well-being depends on a multitude of factors, Sammy’s integrative coaching makes sure to consider these aspects also. Referred to as ‘primary foods’ by the Institution of Integrative Nutrition, these factors include social life, spirituality, relationships, home environment, finance and career, just to name a few. By working through any areas of imbalance, Sammy looks to nourish all facets of our lives, establishing a sense of equilibrium to bring about long-lasting, transformative change. 

Through her nurturing, supportive and client-led sessions, Sammy provides a safe space for people to self-evaluate and work towards their goals. Depending on what these goals are, Sammy will structure her sessions to target clients’ specific needs, drawing on a range of resources to support their health and well-being journeys. This may include recipe or dietary suggestions to try during interim periods, and given her love for yoga (she is a certified 200hr yoga teacher), clients also have the opportunity to establish their own practice with Sammy’s guidance.

Sammy’s approach to health coaching is driven by intention, action and accountability; what is it you’re trying to change? How can this be achieved? Are you taking the steps to get there? Through this unique partnership, clients have the opportunity to transform their lives in an objective and non-judgemental environment, and it is Sammy's goal to guide and support them every step of the way.


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