Seity Collective Wellbeing made simple

6th december 2021

Interview with medical masseuse Patrycja Miszczak


It was Medical Massage that Patrycja connected to most whilst completing her studies in Physiotherapy, and she has since spent time refining her healing and restorative practice. Whether you require pre/post-surgery treatment, injury avoidance therapy, or a moment of deep relaxation, Patrycja’s clients benefit from her extensive experience and holistic outlook, one which prioritises the mind-body-spirit connection to improve well-being.

Ensuring that each clients’ individual needs are met, Patrycja employs a range of massage techniques to provide tailored and adaptable treatments. No session—even for her recurring clients—is the same, and by using her hands as her source of intuition, Patrycja is able to sense which approach will be most beneficial. When necessary, she will also draw on other techniques, such as meridian therapy, reflexology, and trigger point therapy, all aimed at promoting muscle recovery and improving range of mobility.

Patrycja’s sessions typically last between 60-90 minutes, though clients can request longer periods if needed. Since trouble areas are worked on with pressure, the massage will likely feel deeper than a typical spa/relaxation massage, and you may feel slight tenderness during and after the session as tight muscles loosen and release.

Patrycja often helps her clients develop greater body-awareness by finding new points of tension and connecting underlying issues, but aside from this, her treatments also encourage us to open up emotionally. Given the stresses and responsibilities of life, mental strain and psychosomatic disorders (physical symptoms of emotional distress) have become more widespread. But with her calming approach—which includes working with the breath if clients are particularly tense, as well as the use of soft lights, relaxing music, and aromatherapy essential oils—Patrycja’s treatments promote emotional release and much-needed relaxation.

Other benefits of Medical Massage may include improved sleep, increased flexibility, better circulation, reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms, lymphatic system stimulation, and improved skin tone.

Importantly, Patrycja ensures that each treatment has a communicative aspect. Her clients are free to discuss their treatment at any point during the session, and Patrycja will often provide suggestions outside of Medical Massage, such as nutritional advice, to support recovery and healing. Given her holistic ethos, she also takes time to focus on the wholeness of each client, encouraging us to consider where we can make changes—environmentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—to better our well-being.

By the end of each session, Patrycja hopes that her therapeutic practice will have helped clients begin to heal, relax, and develop a deeper relationship with all aspects of themselves.