Seity Collective Wellbeing made simple

27th september 2021

Interview with osteopath Carla Pozner


For (Reehab) co-founder, Carla, pursuing Osteopathy seemed the next best step after completing her degree in Biology, and rightly so. With a passion for holistic healing, science and yoga, becoming an Osteopath provided Carla the perfect opportunity to work with her interests in a practical environment, one where she would play a vital role in people’s healing and restorative journeys. 

Since completing her training at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2009, Carla’s career has seen her work in several London clinics, all whilst successfully running her own private practice, CP Holistic. Though having a particular interest in Prenatal, Postnatal and Paediatric Osteopathy, Carla’s versatile approach means that she treats a range of patients on a daily basis; whether it’s an athlete, pregnant woman, newborn baby or person in their 90s, those of all ages may benefit from Carla’s all-encompassing practice.

People visit Osteopaths for a number of reasons, some more common than others. Conditions such as lower back and spinal pain, neck pain, and elbow and shoulder pain are treated by Osteopaths regularly, though the therapy can be far more extensive. On account of her specialist training and experience, Carla has worked with a spectrum of conditions, including TMJ disorders, orthodontist referrals, and mother and baby issues (such as colic and reflux). 

Osteopathy is a form of non-invasive therapy that looks to diagnose, treat and prevent conditions by manipulating the musculoskeletal system. Based on the principle that well-being depends on the collective functioning of the muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and bones, Carla will use a range of techniques aimed at rebalancing the body and activating its potential to self heal. These techniques, which may include massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, cranial osteopathy and high-velocity thrusts, are intended to improve joint mobility, increase nerve and blood supply to tissue, and relax tense muscles. 

With her understanding of the body as an interrelated network, Carla’s approach never focuses on problem areas alone. Rather, through an initial patient consultation—where she may consider lifestyle and diet as well as physical condition—Carla is able to tailor her treatments to meet the needs of the whole individual. So not to compartmentalise the body, this will often involve working on areas that are not the direct source of pain or discomfort, as root causes may manifest in other regions of imbalance. 

Importantly, when it comes to supporting the healing and maintenance process outside of treatments, Carla ensures that all patients are equipped with the right tools and knowledge. For well over a decade, Yoga has been a significant part of Carla’s life; she has her own daily practices and is also a certified Yoga teacher (The Light Centre, 2014). Given her expertise, Carla will often provide patients with exercises, postures, and meditation and breathing techniques to enhance her treatments. With this integration of osteopathic skill, naturopathic insight and yoga, Carla’s practice is full of variety, allowing patients to discover forms of rehabilitation that best suit them. 

Through co-founding Seity, Carla has established a collaborative network of highly skilled holistic practitioners. Whether it is reflexology, nutrition, acupuncture or therapeutic massage (to name a few), Carla may refer patients to other specialists—all of which she has handpicked—to enhance their healing. Having this community of practitioners is what makes Carla’s practice so unique; health cannot be regarded through a ‘one size fits all’ lense, and with a wealth of knowledge and expertise at hand, Carla provides space for people to explore the world of alternative and complementary therapies with ease. 

Encouraging us to use osteopathic treatment as a preventative and maintenance therapy rather than a last resort, Carla will be able to provide a suitable prognosis upon initial treatment and patient consultation.