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6th december 2021

Interview with psychologist Emma Cathcart


Difficulties can arise for us all no matter what stage of life we're in, some of which leave us feeling unbalanced, out of control, and disconnected from ourselves and the people we’re closest to. At times, it can feel like we’re facing these challenges alone, but through finding the right psychological support we can begin taking steps—however big or small—towards transforming our lives for the better.

For Counselling Psychologist Dr. Emma, there is nothing more valuable than taking the time to invest in our well-being. After starting therapy on the back of her own struggles around meaning—induced by the pressures of the school system and societal expectations—she knows firsthand the benefits of reconnecting to our emotions in the private and objective space that therapy affords us. 

As she understands it, the therapeutic journey is all about reconnecting to our personal agency and finding sustainable ways to heal the root cause of our problems. Within a safe and collaborative environment, Dr. Emma’s goal is to support her clients’ individual needs through a humanistic and integrative approach, one which looks to develop our self-awareness and ability to make empowered, personalised decisions.

Whether it’s your first time in therapy or not, opening up about personal struggles can be a daunting process. But by co-creating a space where non-judgemental and open dialogue can be engaged in, Dr. Emma ensures that her sessions are both client-led and a work in partnership. For her, assisting someone on their journey towards wholeness and recovery is a privilege, and finding the most useful ways to navigate internal blockages is the motivation behind her work as a Psychologist.

Dr. Emma’s approach is incredibly holistic and versatile, drawing on a wealth of practices, training, and knowledge to provide individualised services. Since completing her Doctorate in the Existential-Phenomenological approach, Dr. Emma’s career has seen her work in abnormal bereavement, residential rehab for addiction and dual diagnosis, and with various specialities in GP Medical Practices and private therapy. She has also received Complex Trauma training, including certifications in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and Sensorimotor therapies, and has worked extensively on tuning into the body's response to trauma.

It is also Dr. Emma’s explorations into self-development and the world of consciousness that gives her such a well-rounded and encompassing approach. She has trained in sound-healing, meditation, mindfulness, and body and breathwork, and has also spent time connecting to the wisdom of indigenous communities in the Amazon and Andes. Collectively, these experiences have shaped her therapeutic practice into one grounded in human nature; she emphasises the uniqueness of our individual experiences and provides the tools to explore ourselves, both internally and in relation to the world around us, from new depths of understanding.

Over the years Dr. Emma has seen clients, both instantly and gradually over time, go through miraculous change. And although she notes that therapy may not be for everyone, she nonetheless encourages us to be curious, to keep dialogues open, and to regard seeking help as an act of self-investment above anything else.


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