Seity Collective Wellbeing made simple

6th december 2021

Interview with reflexologist Anna Byrska


Anna’s interest in reflexology started at just fourteen years old. Whilst suffering from eye inflammation, she decided to experiment with the techniques in one of her parents’ reflexology books. To her amazement, her eye responded rapidly to the treatment, igniting what would become a long-lasting appreciation for alternative/complementary healing. In the years that followed, Anna explored other therapeutic practices, such as massage and shiatsu, before deciding eight years ago to make reflexology her primary profession.

Reflexology is based on the theory that certain points in the hands, feet, face and ears correspond to the different organs in the body. Reflexologists like Anna apply tactical pressure to these points, all with the intention to rebalance the body and activate its potential to naturally self-correct. Quite often, reflexology is used as a complementary practice to optimise physical health, but given its relaxing dimension, many people also enjoy it as a means to destress and unwind.

Due to the areas of the body worked on, reflexology is a straightforward treatment to receive—the most you’ll have to do is remove your shoes and socks, and you’ll be able to remain in the same position throughout the session.

Clients can come with specific problems they wish to tackle, though given her holistic view of the body, Anna will focus on any area where she can sense an internal blockage. You may experience slight discomfort in tender spots, but since it is an overall gentle and non-invasive treatment, your experience with Anna should be soothing and pain-free.

Throughout the years, Anna has taken great enjoyment from helping clients of all ages overcome ailments and improve their state of health. However, as with any therapeutic practice, benefits are dependent on our individual response to the treatment; each of us has a unique internal system, so results can vary from person to person. After the initial assessment and session, Anna will advise the best course of action moving forwards.

One thing you can expect from Anna’s treatments is the feeling of deep relaxation. Her massage techniques, particularly those on the face, help us focus on the present moment and let go of the day’s stresses. This is why reflexology has been recognised as a beneficial therapy for mental and emotional well-being, as just like massage, it helps to relax the mind as well as the body.

If you are receiving reflexology for the first time—or would like to learn more about the theory behind it—you may enjoy reading a reflexology map prior to your session. These detail the organs that each reflex point corresponds with. Though with her expertise and knowledge, Anna will be able to explain this relation in further depth and answer any questions you come along with.

As a holistic practitioner, Anna’s treatments also extend beyond reflexology. She will often provide lifestyle suggestions to help mitigate our problems and enhance health, and clients are always free to ask for advice outside of their treatments.