Our Top 8 Equipment Hacks to Revolutionise Your Home Workout Wellbeing made simple

23rd february 2023

Our Top 8 Equipment Hacks to Revolutionise Your Home Workout


Our Top 8 Equipment Hacks to Revolutionise Your Home Workout


Working out at three to five times a week is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health. Routine exercise has been repeatedly linked with lower health risks, better moods, and less anxiety and depression. By taking care of our bodies, we’re also taking care of ourselves.

While many of us enjoy taking fitness classes or heading to the gym, we know that isn’t always an option. Sometimes you’re too busy, others you simply lack the desire to go outdoors for a workout. Whatever the case, you aren’t out of options when it comes to staying in shape at home.

These home workout equipment hacks are the absolute best way to take your fitness journey to the next level. They offer you the complexity of a personalized workout through easy-to-use devices.


How to Build a Home Gym

“Dynamic” is the key word when it comes to getting a good home workout. We’ve chosen the best equipment for a full-body routine that you can customise to suit your goals. As you select the right pieces for your home gym, consider your active workout and recovery period.

You don’t have to skip physical activity on your off-days, either. Instead, choose equipment that naturally supports your flow, whether that’s an intense HIIT session or a laid-back yoga practice.

It can also be helpful to think about what type of home gym would be most beneficial to you now, not where you want to be. Goals can be a good source of motivation, but they can also quickly become barriers to fitness.O the days when you're just ot quite feeling it why leave out the advanced routine and instead try just taking some time on a teadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical machine tto help make cardiovascular exercise accessible and more suited to your everyday life. 

The following eight equipment hacks are great for taking care of your body no matter what level of fitness ability you have. We hope that it will encourage you to continue exercising regularly, and make home workouts a part of your routine.


1. Theragun Elite

Has anyone ever turned down a good massage? You can pamper yourself after every workout with this electric handheld gun. It delivers deep-tissue massages right in the comfort of home using five specialized tips for deeper penetration and tension release.

The Theragun Elite uses percussive therapy, which utilizes rapid, repeated movements through vibration to decrease fascia fluid and release stiffness and tightness in your soft tissue.



2. Gliding Discs

These gliding discs by BaseBody offer a total-body workout that emphasizes a strong core. We all know how great a toned tummy looks, but there’s so much more to your ab workout than aesthetics. Strengthening your core muscles can help alleviate back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain, as well as improve your posture.

A stronger core also makes it easier to perform various types of exercise, like yoga and Pilates.

If you’re into weight training, a toned abdominal wall will help you improve your form and lift heavier weights without putting strain on your spine.

The lightweight, durable design makes these discs perfect for taking fitness anywhere, and they naturally glide on both hardwood and soft surfaces.




3. TRX Suspension Trainer

You don’t need a ton of weights to build the ultimate home gym. This suspension trainer by TRX allows you to work all your muscle groups using tension rather than weight. The device helps you strengthen and tone your body in a gentle way that doesn’t require squats, jumping, or any other joint-heavy activity.

While it boasts professional design, the equipment is suitable and easy for anyone to use. You can set it up in seconds, even in a small space, and enjoy accessible bodyweight training anytime, anywhere.



4. Adjustable Weight Set

Weight training does not require a gym or extensive financial investment. You can gradually build strength through a home workout with adjustable dumbbells and barbells by Body Revolution.

The company recognises that weight training and gyms have not always been the most welcoming spaces. That is why they decided to create products that help de-stigmatise fitness and make it more accessible to anyone.

These cast iron barbells and dumbbells feature weights from 15 to 50 kg. The plates are easy to swap out, and the weights themselves are extremely durable with concrete centers.



5. Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Yoga is one of the most accessible forms of low-impact exercise for people of all ages. We love that it can be a gentle stretching practice for self-love just as well as an intense, calorie-burning workout in your living room. The flexibility of yoga makes it both a fantastic body-sculpting exercise and recovery workout.

If you’ve ever tried yoga without a mat, you know that getting your balance right can be tricky. Our feet simply don’t grip the floor as we need them to, and we may wind up placing greater strain on our joints and spine as we try to hold poses without the support of a high-quality mat.

This mat features a patented alignment system printed on non-slip, sweat resistant material. And if you’re worried about its production, you can rest assured knowing that it’s crafted from PVC-free, biodegradable eco-polyurethane and rubber.

You can also choose from an array of colors that suit your personality, like soothing black, comforting pink, or harmonious green.



6. Grid Foam Roller

A foam roller is one of the best equipment you can have in a home gym. Versatile, portable, and easy to clean, they offer supportive massage therapy for everyone. You can use them to “roll out” tension in any part of your body on the 3D, patented design.

The Grid roller also features unlimited lifetime access to an extensive video library of exercises taught by TriggerPoint’s experts.



7. Heavy Resistance Bands


Yoga, Pilates, barre, or body-sculpting—resistance bands can add a muscle-toning challenge to virtually any workout. This set of booty-sculpting bands work on their own to help you get in shape with nothing but your bodyweight and some targeted movements.

The included video and exercise guide make it easy to start training as soon as you get the bands. They have been tested for both male and female figures, and feature reinforced, anti-slip stitching.

ELVIRE’s color-coded system helps you easily modify your resistance band workout. Whether you want to work up a sweat or just do some light toning, their bands are bound to become a staple in your home gym.



8. Adjustable Workout Bench/Stepper


This workout bench is an all-in-one platform that makes your home workout more flexible. Use it as a stepper for a good cardio workout, then switch it into a bench for abs and body sculpting. The deck has been designed with optimal health in mind; it was built on research that shows 205 mm as the ideal height for stepping without placing too much strain on your joints.

Its versatility makes the Escape Fitness Deck one of the best pieces of home workout equipment you can own.



Embrace Health on Your Own Terms

A home gym helps you take care of your body anytime, anywhere, and it afford a level of flexibility and personalisation that’s hard to find in a regular gym. If you are new to exercise, or you have specific needs that are often difficult to accommodate in a traditional setting, you will find that your own personal gym is both empowering and rewarding.

As you continue to evolve on your fitness journey, you will discover the best home workouts for you. Whether you’re a busy mum with just 15 minutes to spare, a weekend warrior, or evening yoga enthusiast, your gym is really a gift to yourself that celebrates movement and encourages you to live well.