Our Top Hacks for At Home Recovery and Rehabilitation Wellbeing made simple

23rd february 2023

Our Top Hacks for At Home Recovery and Rehabilitation


We can’t overstress the importance of rest after exercise, or in general. Our bodies need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to stay healthy, but there is so much more to rest and recovery than that. After a workout, we need rest to prevent pain and help muscles grow. It’s during the recovery period that your muscles strengthen from your workout.

Beyond fitness, rehabilitation is an important element of self-care that nurtures your entire body. Routinely taking time to rejuvenate helps ease mental health symptoms, promote a more positive mindset, and prevent or recover from burnout.

We’ve compiled our top five wellbeing hacks that promote peace, comfort, and relaxation in your home and body. You can also incorporate these into any rehab you are doing for a physical injury or mental illness (so long as you clear them with your GP/therapist first).


The Science of Rest and Recovery

After a workout, your body needs at least 24 hours to fully replenish its energy. Giving your muscles a break helps them replace carbohydrates and balance your body’s energy levels. Overtraining can lead to tissue damage, which increases your risk of future injury. Muscles go through a cycle of physiological adaptation to strengthen, which means recovery is an essential part of reaching your fitness goals.

When it comes to mental health, your mind needs just as much rest as your body. If you feel stressed, depressed, or have anxiety, it can feel tempting to “push through it” until symptoms subside. Unfortunately, this mentality only tends to make you feel worse. It forces you to neglect your needs in favor of being “fine,” but just like bodies have to rehab after injury, minds need to recover after mental stress or illness.

Science shows us that the mind-body connection is powerful. This is why using physical therapy and rehab equipment can have just as much of an impact on your mind as it does on your body.


1. Infrared Blanket

You don’t need to head to the spa to benefit from some infrared sauna therapy. This blanket heats your body to help ease stress, relax muscles, and help you find your zen again.

Lying beneath a sweat-inducing blanket may not sound ideal to everyone, but these blankets have multiple settings to fine-tune your session. In other words, you don’t have to crank up the heat to full blast to reap the rewards of an infrared blanket treatment.

The inspiring technology for the blanket is the infrared sauna, an alternative to the traditional heated room by inducing a deeper sweat at a lower temperature. Instead of warming the space you’re in, infrared saunas warm the body itself.

An infrared sauna is seen as a safer alternative to traditional saunas as it can operate 10 to 20 degrees lower than its counterpart.

If you’re looking for a good way to detox, REVIIV’s sauna blanket delivers seven times the heat of a regular sauna. This leads to a much deeper sweat that helps your body expel toxins on top of excess fluids.

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2. Red Light Lamp

Red light therapy, or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), causes your cells to produce greater energy by increasing the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This molecule is the primary energy source in your body, so producing more of it can help cells perform faster and heal better.

Some experts believe that this may lead to faster healing and promote healthier muscles and skin. While there is still limited definitive research on its benefits, people swear by its healing properties and praise its safety.

One of its major benefits is that it contains no UV rays, and it does not burn, damage, or affect the skin in any negative way. Red light penetrates below the skin’s surface, which helps encourage healing from within rather than through the epidermis. Red light therapy may help improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, treat acne, scars, and sun damage, and possibly help stimulate hair growth in people affected by alopecia.

There are no harmful UV rays involved, so it’s completely safe to use. A 10-minute session with the Y100 is equal to 20 minutes with comparable lamps. It’s easy to customize your treatment by adjusting the intensity of the light.




3. Theragun

Massage therapy doesn’t require an expensive spa treatment to work wonders. You can enjoy a deep tissue massage after an at home workout or just a stressful day with this electric gun. It uses percussive therapy to offer deep relief and muscle relaxation. Percussive therapy uses repetitive, rapid motions to help release muscle tension. It’s a two-fold practice that involves stimulating the deep, soft tissues while stimulating the outer layer of your skin. It’s particularly helpful if you want to avoid those delayed post-workout aches, a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). With five unique attachments, you can personalize your massage to target specific muscle tissues. There are also five speed settings that deliver up to 18kg of pressure wherever you need it. You can use the Theragun to warm-up and cool-down before a workout, as well as treat muscle pains and tightness through daily massages.




4. Ice Bath

Ice baths narrow your blood vessels, which can decrease swelling after a workout and soothe sore muscles. The Sweet Home portable spa tub allows you to easily embrace the reinvigorating effects of ice baths in your own home.

They may seem like a niche, Instagram self-care tip, but ice bathing is actually an ancient practice. Ancient Greek philosophers wrote about the benefits of hydrotherapy, including its ability to restore balance throughout the body. Today, we know that physiological processes are far more complex than fluid volumes. However, even traditional medicine shows us that using temperature to treat ailments is an effective and accessible practice.  

The environmentally friendly design of this features three layers of fabric to ensure durability and thermal regulation. It only takes three minutes to inflate, and it supports temperatures up to 40 degrees, so you can use it for both icing and soaking.



5. Back Massager

A sore back can ruin your whole day, no matter how hard you try to stay positive. Chronic inflammation and pressure on the spine is becoming increasingly common as people spend more time at home and on their computers. Luckily, there are at home recovery options to help ease pain and promote soft, relaxed muscles.

The RENPHO Back Massager uses eight deep tissue and shiatsu techniques to knead your back muscles and alleviate tension. On top of its pressure application, the device also provides soothing heat and vibration that encourages more profound relaxation.

An adjustable height and built-in neck massager ensures comfort and support. The simple remote control allows you to adjust the speed and heat with just a few clicks. A built-in timer can also help you further customize your experience.

Easily portable, you can place the massager in your office chair, in your living room, on a dining room chair, or anywhere you feel most comfortably seated.




Staying Healthy Starts at Home

Whether you’ve suffered a physical injury or are looking for ways to reduce stress levels, rest and recovery begins at home. While it may take a little trial and error to find what works for you, once you do, you’ll be on your way to feeling better both physically and mentally.