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Ilana Kyte

Ilana began her career as a physiotherapist in 2009 and has worked in a number of North London NHS Teaching Hospitals, gaining a breadth of experience.

After specialising in musculoskeletal outpatients for over 10 years, Ilana developed a strong interest in treating patients with symptoms relating to their pelvic floor and has worked as a Specialist Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist at The Royal Free London NHS Trust since 2016.


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10th may 2022

Physiotherapy | Everything You Need to Know as a Wellness Enthusiast

As a wellness enthusiast, you're probably enjoying the numerous benefits of an active lifestyle. These include stress relief, increased capacity to understand and deal with emotions, as well as improving your fitness and health.

While wellness is good, it also comes with the risk of injury or strains. This is why it’s essential that you know how to prevent and relieve such injuries when they arise. In this regard, physiotherapy is your best friend.

If you’re wondering ‘why is physiotherapy good for me’ or what exactly it entails, you’re in the right place. This article covers everything you need to know about physiotherapy as a wellness enthusiast.

4th january 2022

Therapy: a foundation for self-care and how it can help change your life

Psychotherapy. Talk therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Or just therapy. They all refer to the same thing, but sadly seeking therapy often carries a stigma in our society.

While the stigma may exist, it simply should not. People spend large sums of money and countless hours exercising to take care of their body and cardiovascular system. But what about mental health? Is it not as important as our physical health?