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30th march 2023

Migraines: A Symphony of Pain, Emotion, and Self-Discovery



by Osteopath Carla Pozner


A creeping shadow of warning inches its way towards me, threatening to invade my entire being. A heavy weight in my head, pulling me down and obstructing my basic functions. A nauseating, pounding clamp encircles my skull. A storm brews on the horizon, its impending chaos mirrored in the fog and debris that shrouds my senses.

With every exposed nerve ending hyper-aware, every sound and light amplified, I feel as if I'm at a deafening heavy metal concert, constantly pummeled by the onslaught of stimuli, only I am alone in my bedroom just waking up.  This overwhelming experience is not just a headache; it's a migraine, an all-consuming, relentless visitor that has become a chronic, lifelong condition for many, myself included.

I consider myself one of the fortunate ones; I don't suffer from auras, vomiting, or loss of vision, which often accompany migraines for others. However, the intensity of the pain is relentless, at times leaving me unable to speak or even remember my children's names.

Dr. Howard Schubiner sheds light on the fascinating connections between our emotional and physical bodies, revealing that our neural pathways can become ingrained and activated, making pain more real and intense. Migraines, chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia are just a few examples of the conditions that can be influenced by these emotional and spiritual connections. Understanding the intricate link between mind and body offers hope for breaking the cycle of chronic pain and restoring balance.

Headaches come in various forms, with migraines being just one type. It's crucial to seek medical advice for persistent or severe headaches, ruling out any underlying conditions or trauma. Migraines can have different triggers, such as stress, poor posture, hormonal imbalances, tension, or other factors, and can manifest in diverse ways.

As I journey through my quest for well-being, I explore alternative remedies beyond medication to better understand and heal myself. Acupuncture, osteopathy, massage, yoga, and mindfulness practices have all been instrumental in helping me navigate the fog left by migraines. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, proper hydration, and a balanced diet has also contributed to my healing journey.

In retrospect, were my migraines a sign of unresolved trauma after losing my brother suddenly at age 23? Or were they triggered by postural or hormonal imbalances? Regardless of the cause, these migraines have pushed me to listen to my body and seek a deeper understanding of its needs. As Dr. Schubiner suggests, pain is not the problem, but the solution. By taking the time to understand the root cause of our pain, we can improve our overall quality of life. Embracing bodywork, breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation has not only alleviated my migraines but also provided me with a lifeline for self-discovery and healing.

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