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22nd march 2023

Best Home Remedy Hacks without The Chemicals


There’s nothing better than a clean home and clear skin. What more could you want, honestly? Unfortunately, so many modern products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that are bad for us and even worse for the environment.

In an effort to make the planet greener and our homes and bodies healthier, we’ve turned into homeopathy as an alternative to many products. Luckily, many brands are following suit. Nowadays, you’re able to go online and find plenty of businesses supporting cleaner, greener living.

Here are our top picks for homeopathic remedies you can order and have delivered in the click of a button. They’re great for any budding naturopath who wants to embrace nature’s medicine for a happier body and home.


For Skin

1. INSTITUT KATHAROS Premium Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be used as a natural antibacterial skin treatment, so it’s great for purification. The company specializes in extremely fine particles that deliver a high concentration of colloidal silver in every spritz.

A 1-ml dose contains 400 mcg of silver, which allows you to use far less of the product for the same results as less concentrated formulas.

As one of the most prevalent homeopathic remedies, colloidal silver is often used to treat skin problems. However, it’s important to note that it can pose serious side-effects, including permanent discoloration of the skin and weakened absorption of some prescription drugs.

That being said, if you want to explore the benefits of colloidal silver and want a reputable, ultra-pure version to use on your own skin, this formula is the best on the market.


2. Renant Beauty Tallow Balm Organic Grass-fed Moisturizer

Tallow, or beef fat, is a skin-nourishing ingredient that helps heal cracked, burned, or damaged skin while improving its overall appearance. If you want an all-natural skin moisturizer, this formula uses grass-fed tallow with organic, cold-pressed olive oil and essential oils to deliver soothing effects for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

You can also use this tallow balm as a way to enhance your skin’s barrier. Repairing a damaged barrier can lead to greater protection from bacteria and a reduced risk of conditions like dermatitis.

If you’re looking for products to use in a natural skincare routine, then this tallow balm is a great staple that you’ll be able to incorporate with other products. For anyone prone to redness and skin irritation from over-the-counter moisturizers, this could be the homeopathic alternative you’re looking for.


3. Nelsons Arnicare Bruise Relief

We all get those mysterious bruises now and again, but you don’t have to suffer through the soreness until they heal. One of the best home remedies is Nelsons Arnicare, which uses an Arnica montana tincture in a cream formula to help you heal.

Suitable for children through the elderly, Nelsons is a gentle product that relieves tender bruises and supports natural recovery.

The key ingredient, Arnica montana, is a time-honored herb that neuropaths love. Part of the daisy family, the flowering plant has been used in traditional medicine since the 1500s and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.




For Gut
The Natural Health Market Organic Tea Bags

Digestive health is essential to total body wellness. Your gut microbiome is filled with millions of bacteria that help your body produce hormones, absorb nutrients, stabilize your mood and energy levels, and so much more.

Ginger is one of the best herbs for digestion thanks to its primary component, gingerol; this compound accelerates the digestive process, and helps your body process food more efficiently. Combined with a healthy diet, this can lead to greater nutrient absorption and nourishment for your entire body.

Ginger tea is also one of the best home remedies for a cold. If you’re struggling with that telltale stuffy nose and headache, drinking a warm cup of this soothing beverage could help you feel better without the need for pharmaceuticals.


For Cold and Flu


1. Yogi Tea Alkalines Tea Blend

Yogi Tea is great for anyone that wants to take nature’s medicine for the cold or even a nasty bout of the flu. Sniffles, stuffiness, aches, and pains can be naturally managed using this combination of dandelion, nettle, and lavender.

The blend draws its healing combination from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian school of traditional medicine.

Dandelion and nettle provide ample vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy immune system. Getting more vitamin C when you’re sick can provide additional support as your body fights off pathogens. Lavender, on the other hand, helps soothe your body, relax sore muscles and promotes restorative sleep.


2. Activated Charcoal Capsule

Charcoal is a natural detox ingredient, so it helps rid your body of toxins and harmful bacteria when you’re ill. These capsules can be especially useful when you’re suffering from a stomach flu. All the troublesome bacteria wreaking havoc in your gut can be fought off by the fast-acting, powerful activated charcoal.

While it is strong, the formula is designed to be gentle on your body, meaning it won’t cause additional tummy troubles when you’re already fending off nasty symptoms.

These charcoal capsules have been third-party tested for purity and safety. They’re also gluten-, allergen- and GMO-free on top of being vegan. You can take it when you need to soothe an upset stomach.



For Mind and Mood

1. Weleda Aconite 30c


These tablets are pure plant magic. Made from 100% Aconitum napellus, a flower also known by the name monkshood, they are best used to support peace of mind if you frequently struggle with anxiety.

Many of the physical symptoms of anxiety, like shakiness, sleeplessness, and a racing heart, may benefit from using Aconite as a home remedy.

If you have never tried Aconite, you should proceed with caution. It is known to present some serious side effects and, in some cases, can be life-threatening to consume. When properly processed, there can be benefits to consuming the plant, but you should never attempt to make your own supplement.


2. Love Hemp CBD Spray

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive ingredient found in the Cannabis plant. Rather than cause a noticeable high, it instead promotes peace, relaxation, and a state of calm. Research suggests that CBD could be an effective natural treatment for anxiety disorders, including OCD, PTSD, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

The Love Hemp atomiser allows you to easily carry your CBD with you, so you can take it whenever and wherever you need it.

Each bottle contains 1,200mg of lab-tested cannabidiol, and it’s made by the leading CBD brand in the United Kingdom. The CBD is also blended with coconut-extracted MBD oil, which can help support weight loss, promote a healthy appetite, and reduce inflammation.

For anyone looking to try CBD to help naturally manage their mental health symptoms, Love Hemp is a reputable, trustworthy brand to go with. Just remember that CBD shouldn’t be taken without clearance from a medical professional if you take any prescription medications; you should also let your therapist know that you want to try CBD for any symptoms you have, so they can help you integrate it into your current treatment plan.



These home remedies are wonderful for any aspiring neuropath, and they offer great alternatives to many of the artificial products that dominate the current marketplace. While it can take some time to find the right homeopathic remedies for you, there’s a great deal to learn along the way that makes researching new solutions an adventure in and of itself.

Just make sure you talk to your doctor about any natural remedies you want to try; many herbs and supplements can cause interactions with medications or underlying health conditions.